Dr Konstantinos Gkrintzalis

School of Biotechnology


Konstantinos is a biologist with significant expertise in Redox Biology and its applications in Biosciences. His postgraduate research focused on sclerotial metamorphosis of filamentous fungi in relation to oxidative stress. As a postdoc he used biochemical and metabolomic approaches within the fields of nanotoxicology and ecotoxicology. He is an assistant professor setting up his research trajectory within applications of Biochemistry in Microbial Physiology and Systems Ecotoxicology.


Dr. Grintzalis is a Biochemist focusing on Redox Biology and Metabolism to assess water pollution. Previously he has held postdoctoral positions in the fields of cell and eco toxicology and combined research in metabolomics and collaborated with prestigious institutions such as the NASA Ames Research Centre. His work in applied biochemistry spans from animal and microbial physiology to novel fields such as astrobiology. Currently he is an assistant professor in the School of Biotechnology and has established the first Daphnia and algae facility in DCU. Focusing on freshwater organisms, Dr. Grintzalis employs environmental metabolomics to decipher the impact of pollution in the ecosystem. His research focuses on risk assessment and predicting pollution using aquatic organisms as bioindicators. Specifically, Dr. Grintzalis collects molecular fingerprints of pollutants with aim to detect their presence in field water samples before pollution reaches precarious levels. Dr. Grintzalis has received a Starting Investigator Research Grant from Science Foundation Ireland for his research. 

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