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Why natural capital?

The concept of natural capital provides a way to understand the value nature provides and our dependence on it.


This is similar to way we understand other forms of capital, such as financial. As we see with the climate crises, much of this capital, such as fresh water, forests and biodiversity, is being depleted at an alarming rate—our current economic systems treat nature’s services as externalities.

As part of NCI's mission, we aim to value, protect and restore Ireland’s natural capital and ecosystem services and recognise their vast economic and social value. Natural capital accounting is a tool used in support of this mission, but not the solution in itself.

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Legislators and other leaders are increasingly incorporating natural capital into their decision-making.

2021's Dasgupta Review made it clear that we depend on natural capital, with numerous mentions including this exerpt:


"Multi-functional landscapes and seascapes that provide ecosystem goods and services, and protect and enhance biodiversity, are important. Large-scale and widespread investment in Nature-based Solutions would help us to address biodiversity loss and significantly contribute to climate change mitigation and adaptation, not to mention wider economic benefits, including creating jobs. As part of fiscal stimulus packages in the wake of COVID-19, investment in natural capital has the potential for quick returns. Moreover, natural capital forms the bulk of wealth in low-income countries, and those on low incomes tend to rely more directly on Nature. And so conserving and restoring our natural assets also contributes to alleviating poverty."

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