Waves of Change Event – November 2023

Advisory Board Meeting 2023

World Oceans Day 2020

Water Blitz Launch Sept 2019

Planet Ocean Insterdisciplinary Workshop September 2019

IWA Conference on Diffuse Pollution and Catchment Management, 23rd – 27th October 2016

Water Institute Week 2016 – Fashion

Water Institute Week 2016 – Underwater Photography Exhibition

Water Institute Week 2016 – SWIG Coastal Pollution Monitoring Workshop

Water Institute Week 2016 –¬†Agilent Symposium

World Water Day 2015, DCU

Touch Down Event with Notre Dame

Water Conference Photos, November 2015

Visitor, Prof. Chris Saint, UniSA

Smart Bay Dublin

Environmental Monitoring

Diatom Adhesion to Surfaces using SEM

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