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Our Evenlode Catchment Partnership Caught by New Scientist! New Scientist were looking for a river restoration project and found ECP. Well done to everyone involved! We'll keep you posted on when it goes live


One of my favourite buildings, @TheHelixDublin on campus @DCU. Love how it captures the ever changing sky
#SpringIsSprung #CampusLife

Another great example of how valuable it is to work with industry - here Dr Nigel Kent and now Dr Joyce O'Grady have developed a valuable #phosphate monitor with funding from @B2020project @MarineInst @EleanorJennin11 @DaireKeogh @DCUFSH @EMPIRE_DCU @DCUChemistry @maxonUKI

Water, A Resource Less Valued

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Strategic Pillars

Our Strategic Plan 2019-2021 is based on
3 Pillars, which are the foundation stones of
our strategy, from which our objectives stem.

Pillar 1

Pillar 2

Pillar 3

Design, development and deployment of technologies using a hierarchy of approaches, taking into account need, demand and market uptake.

Key drivers for research are informed by people, regulation and policy.

We are informed by people’s needs and challenges which drives our need for expertise and talent to deliver solutions.

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