Our mission is to support society by
carrying out research and development
that generates innovative solutions
that help address major water challenges.
Our vision is to be a globally recognised
water institute in innovative technologies,
water research, and education.
DCU Water Institute

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Water, A Resource Less Valued

Our Strategy

Strategic Pillars

Our Strategic Plan 2019-2021 is based on
3 Pillars, which are the foundation stones of
our strategy, from which our objectives stem.

Pillar 1

Pillar 2

Pillar 3

Design, development and deployment of technologies using a hierarchy of approaches, taking into account need, demand and market uptake.

Key drivers for research are informed by people, regulation and policy.

We are informed by people鈥檚 needs and challenges which drives our need for expertise and talent to deliver solutions.

Read our full strategic report here.

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