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Flooding after heavy rainfall is now a frequent and severe occurrence. Clear evidence of the effects of #ClimateChange in Ireland.

#LAWPRO promotes nature-based solutions to manage the flow of water through the landscape - "nature knows best". #YourCouncilDay

What an incredible week of events at the #UNOceanConference2022 great to see marine monitoring and innovative sensing technologies as hot topics. Looking forward to the importance of our ocean being highlighted by many more events throughout the #OceanDecade

Ireland only has 2.3% marine protected areas. We’re supposed to hit 30% in 8 years. Can developments set out in the Marine Planning Framework work in harmony with future MPA legislation? On in 30 minutes @RTEone @swanireland

Water, A Resource Less Valued

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Our Strategic Plan 2019-2021 is based on
3 Pillars, which are the foundation stones of
our strategy, from which our objectives stem.

Pillar 1

Pillar 2

Pillar 3

Design, development and deployment of technologies using a hierarchy of approaches, taking into account need, demand and market uptake.

Key drivers for research are informed by people, regulation and policy.

We are informed by people’s needs and challenges which drives our need for expertise and talent to deliver solutions.

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