Advisory Board

The Water Institute Advisory Board is an independent body consisting of selected high level experts and stakeholders who are willing to advise and support the Management Committee.

The board comprises of a range of stakeholders to include representatives from across many sectors both nationally and internationally.

Main role of the Advisory Board:

  • To attend one face-to-face meeting in DCU per year.
  • To facilitate identification of the future direction of DCU Water Institute.
  • To establish research needs in the context of external stakeholders
  • To identify industry gaps and needs.
  • To provide key information relating to areas of expertise that should be built up within DCU Water Institute.
  • We are seeking assistance with anything from marketing to managing human resources to influencing the direction of regulators.
  • Annual evaluation of Board, and renewal of membership.

Advisory Board Members:

  • Harry Kolar, IBM
  • John Joyce, Stockholm Water Institute,
  • Christopher Saint, University South Australia
  • Allison Dancey, Independent Consultant
  • Therese Caherty, Independent Freelance Writer and Journalist