Prof Chris Saint took up the position of Dean: Research and Innovation, ITEE, in April 2016 and was previously Director at the Centre for Water Management and Reuse from July 2011 at the University of South Australia. He has 30 years postgraduate experience in broad areas of environmental science including: biochemistry and genetics of pollutant biodegradation; microbial-plant interactions, cyanobacteria (blue-green algae), microbiological detection methodologies (including field/on-line monitoring); taste and odour issues; water treatment; wastewater microbiology and pathogens in catchments. Recent involvement has also included issues regarding wastewater re-use and stormwater capture and harvesting.

Until June 2011 Chris worked for South Australia Water Corporation, initially he established an internationally recognised water microbiology research group and was responsible for the operation of a microbiology diagnostic unit. For the last 10 years he managed South Australia’s Water’s Research and Development portfolio. Chris took a key role in formulating the research directions for South Australia’s Water and introduced a technology transfer strategy that maximised implementation of R&D outcomes. He has also provided high level advice on water related issues to government and industry organisations and brokered R&D alliances and linkages.


Chris has 28 years experience in the supervision of students, technical and scientific staff and has personally attracted over $11,000,000 in external research funds. He has published over 150 scientific papers, is an Editor of the Journal of Applied Microbiology and Letters in Applied Microbiology and has been an invited speaker at 10 international water related conferences. Chris is a member of the Australian Research Council College of Experts and has been the recipient of several scientific awards, as have staff and students under his supervision. As well as numerous networks in Australia he also has collaborative links in China, USA, UK, Malaysia, Austria and Ireland and holds external professorial positions at the University of Adelaide and the Research Centre for Eco-Environmental Sciences, Beijing, China.