Allison Dancey is a policy development and stakeholder engagement specialist, with a background in natural resource development and sustainable economic development. Allison’s background experience includes a broad range of natural resource protection and development, including agricultural, fisheries and aquaculture, and petroleum.
In addition to culture and the arts Allison’s experience of stakeholder engagement includes, relationship development and management, community engagement and consultation, and the program management of policy consultation and implementation.
As a former Government employee and industry advisor, Allison has gathered diverse teams in the pursuit of specific policy agenda. This work with people of differing social, economic and cultural backgrounds provided a broad insight into to the motivation and objectives of industry and community, and the opportunities to find common ground.
As a retired government employee and policy specialist, Allison is now now focused on initiatives and activities that seek that common ground whether it is related to guidance for new thinking and approaches to business and economy, environmental management, climate change mitigation or social policy for sustainable communities and people with overarching respect for the living environment.