We invite you to join our citizen science #5KLitterSnap.

To all our committed citizen scientists.  While you are out and about for your 5k exercise we ask that you participate in a week long study of litter.  We know that much of the litter reaching our seas comes through freshwater pathways. There is unfortunately more dumping of litter now than before the COVID crisis.  While you are out and about please take a photo of the litter you see and complete a short set of questions. We will use this information to help identify hotspots and focus any efforts for clean up.  It will also help us identify the type of litter that is predominant in the environment.  We know that we want to reduce plastic in particular, so help us identify what types and sources are around you.
This survey is open until 28th May and the data will be placed on a live central litter map on our website (see below) to indicate litter hotspots which you can track.

Thanks for your continued interest in taking part in citizen science.  Please be aware that your work is filling gaps in information that we otherwise could not gather.

We need your help with science so get SNAPPING! If you have time, don’t forget to tweet your SNAPS to @DCUWater

#5KLitterSnap    #Staysafe    #safedistance      #Washyourhands


  • What is it? It’s a brief survey that you can do whilst out on your walk or run as many times as you like.


  • How does it work? Click on the link, scroll down and you will see the first question. At the end it asks you to take a snap of the litter.


  • How often can I do it? You can do it as many times as you like as long as its different litter set each time.


  • What does it tell us? We can build a map of litter hotspots and collect data around litter quantities and types


  • Do I need to collect the litter? NO, we are not recommending you collect the litter. This is about collecting information on litter type and location.


  • Do I need to give any personal information? NO, we don’t need to know your name, address or anything like that. The survey collects the survey data and litter location you are at.


  • Do I need to turn on “my location” on my phone? YES, for the map to collect the location where you are, you need to go to settings, go to locations and go to your browser app like safari – switch on location if it’s not already on.