Dr Danny Marks is an Assistant Professor of Environmental Politics and Policy in the School of Law and Government of Dublin City University. Prior to this position, he was an Assistant Professor of Environmental Studies at the Department of Asian and International Studies of City University of Hong Kong. He also was previously a Postdoctoral Research Fellow with the Urban Climate Resilience in Southeast Asia project at the Munk School of Global Affairs of the University of Toronto. Dr. Marks has spent a number of years conducting research and working in Southeast Asia, particularly in the field of environmental governance. He has worked for a number of organizations in the region, including the World Bank’s East Asia and Pacific Governance Hub, the Rockefeller Foundation, ActionAid and the NGO Forum on Cambodia. Dr. Marks completed his PhD dissertation, An Urban Political Ecology of the 2011 Bangkok Floods, at the University of Sydney. He received his MA in International Affairs from the Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies. His research interests are political ecology, environmental justice, climate governance, disaster risk reduction, with a focus on Southeast Asia.


Much of Dr. Marks’ work revolves around water governance and justice, in particularly how to improve water governance and outcomes for marginalised groups. With a focus on Southeast Asia, he has conducted research on a number of topics related to water including flooding, drought, coastal erosion, the relationship between corruption and wastewater, marine plastic pollution, hydropower dams, and aquaculture development. He has published on these topics in a number of leading academic journals including Political Geography, Sustainable Cities and Society, Habitat International, and Science of the Total Environment.

Recent Projects

2022-2023 US$ 92,703 as principal investigator,
Addressing the Political-Economic Barriers to Climate Adaptation in Ireland, Irish Environmental Protection Agency

2022-2027 US$ 3,489,972 as external collaborator, Climate Governance of Nature-based Carbon Sinks in Southeast Asia, Social Science
Research Thematic Grant, Singapore Ministry of Education

2021-2022 US$11,346 as principal investigator, Helping low-income communities adapt to climate change in Phnom Penh, Cambodia by reducing their risk of flooding through collective action”, New Foundations Grant, Irish Research Council

2020-2023 US$ 885,666 as co-investigator, Risks and Solutions: Marine Plastics in Southeast Asia, Natural Environment Research Council (UK)

2020-2021 US$ 22,123 as co-principal investigator, Human costs of shrinking deltas: Adaptation pathways of vulnerable groups to sea-level rise in three Asian deltas, Water, Climate and Future Deltas Hub Seed Money Grant, Utrecht University

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