Prof. Anthony Staines

School of Nursing and Human Sciences


Professor Anthony Staines was appointed as the first Professor of Health Systems in the School of Nursing in DCU in August 2007. Prior to he spent a decade in UCD in the School of Public Health.


Professor Staines has worked on many aspects of public health, often with a focus on policy relevant research. He has particular skills in study design, epidemiology, and policy analysis. Professor Staines studies the uses of information in many different settings, including health service funding, health service planning, environmental health policy, and disease epidemiology. He have often used a combination of qualitative and quantitative methods to develop policy relevant information.

Professor Staines current and recent FP7 funded projects are RICHE, on child health research policy, of which he is the co-ordinator; TACTICS, a project on childhood injury prevention; RN4CAST, on forecasting the nursing workforce, both in terms of quantity and of skill, and EUROHEIS2, on health and environment information systems, in all three of which he is also a partner.

Professor Staines has done a lot of work on haematological disease epidemiology, especially multiple myeloma. He was the Irish lead for the Epilymph project, and he is a member of the Interlymph consortium, and one of the founders of the International Multiple Myeloma Consortium.

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