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Energy Systems Integration Partnership Project

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Project Summary

Water use by the energy sector is expected to double by 2035 World Bank has argued that water shortages are now hindering global energy production. Its 2014 initiative “Thirsty Energy” reflects this growing concern. This, in conjunction with existing stresses such as population, climate change and increased water scarcity, will place an enormous challenge on water resources. It is thus widely accepted that the integration of energy and water interactions and subsequent development of tools and models that enable better decision making are key research challenges. This project aims to develop flexible integrated energy systems, nationally and internationally.

Scientific Objectives:

  1. Benchmarking the “water footprint” of the energy sector
  2. Benchmarking the “energy footprint” of the water sector
  3. Use this to develop a framework and associated toolkits/models that enable water and energy planning at facility level.
  4. Develop interactive and dynamic tool that enable industry stakeholders, policy makers, and resource end-users improve awareness of water/energy interactions and drive sustainability measures.
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