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Lab-on-a-Disc Technology for Phosphate Sensing in Catchments


Joyce O’Grady

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Project Summary

Monitoring of phosphorus in catchment areas is important. The transport of phosphorus from land to water systems has been the focal point of models and frameworks to highlight the different processes that are involved such as chemical, biological and hydrological. Information on P levels are important requirements for any catchment-based study or monitoring being performed on that area, in order to develop methods of control and prevention as well as providing detailed information on that area.
The area of interest chosen for this study is the Burrishoole catchment, located in the northwest of County Mayo, Ireland (9º 34’ 20” W, 53º 55’ 22” N).
This catchment area is well known for its salmon (Salmo salar), trout (Salmo trutta) and eel (Anguilla anguilla) studies. The Burrishoole catchment area provides a pool of knowledge about the surrounding area, the wildlife and different ecosystems. A significant amount of data sets has been collected to date, such as; water quality parameters, fish species census and environmental data (nutrients).
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