Project Title

The Development of a Novel Biosensor for eDNA Detection


Molly-Ann Williams, Joyce O’Grady

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Project Summary

Biodiversity loss is at an all-time high, increasing
the need for simple and rapid species monitoring
systems. Atlantic salmon (Salmo salar) is an
important species in our waters. In the Atlantic
Ocean, large vessels have historically dedicated
themselves to fishing this species in large
quantities. While migrating to their spawning
grounds, fishermen use traps and other structures
to catch them.
Unfortunately, overfishing, climate
change and competition among non-native species
endanger the survival of Atlantic salmon, leading
to the near extinction of several of its
Traditional methods for monitoring Atlantic salmon
require visual detection and counting. These
techniques are expensive, time consuming and can
lead to harm of the target species. Environmental
DNA offers a solution to this, through non-invasive
species detection.
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