Project Title

Project Development of genetically engineered, highly stable and specific biorecognition ligands for detection of marine contaminants

Project Partners

Edwina Stack

Funded By

Beaufort Marine Research Awards

Project Summary

This research will develop recombinant antibodies genetically tailored to significantly enhance, specificity, sensitivity and stability, capable of incorporation into immuno-, sensor and lateral flow detection formats. They will also be used to generate highly stable extraction columns for water and matrix treatment/cleanup and for extraction of specific target contaminants prior to analysis.

Key Outputs
  • Specific antibodies to key contaminants (microbial, toxin and organic pollutants)
  • Reagents with greater specificity/sensitivity/stability than conventional antibodies
  • Sensor, ELISA and Lateral flow assays
  • Extraction/treatment columns for contaminant removal
Key Impacts
  • Systems offer greater specificity and are capable of being altered /improved as required.
  • Generic technology with potential application to many different targets
  • Reagents can be integrated into detection systems of other partners in consortium
  • Capacity for integration into wireless monitoring systems
  • Could be used to develop early warning systems
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