Project Title

Protecting terrestrial ecosystems through sustainable pesticide use

Project Partners

TCD, MU, UCD, Teagasc

Funded By

Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine

Project description

Pesticide use forms an integral part of modern farming. Through Food Wise 2025 there is a vision to ensure farming is economically, socially and environmentally sustainable, and sustainable pesticide use forms an integral part of this vision. However, concerns exist regarding the impacts of pesticides on non-target organisms and the ecosystem services they provide. The PROTECTS (Protecting Ecosystem Services Through Sustainable Pesticide Use) project will provide baseline information in an Irish context to build towards mitigating the effects of pesticide use on terrestrial ecosystem services, focussing on pollinators and soils. We will survey pesticide residues in soils and nectar, investigate the potential hazards of pesticide use for bees, and provide recommendations for a soil monitoring programme and how to mitigate any effects on ecosystem services. Our findings will help to ensure that pesticides can be used safely while protecting wildlife, health and the environment, both in Ireland and internationally.