Water Institute shortlisted for Marine Industry Awards!

We are delighted to announce the shortlisting of MESTECH @ The Water Institute, Dublin City University in two categories in this years prestigious Marine Industry Awards. The Awards recognize the achievement of organisations and individuals from the highest echelons of Ireland’s Marine Industry. The Water Institute is shortlisted in the category of Digital Oceans Award and Laboratory Award for its outstanding research in the area of marine technologies.

MESTECH @ The Water Institute is leading in the area of autonomous marine sensor development. Using our multidisciplinary expertise in biosensors, optical sensors, microchip platforms, video imaging, image processing and information extraction, we create end-to-end, next generation, sensor technology systems for monitoring water quality. All sensors developed (phosphate sensor, nutrient sensor, algal toxin sensor, low cost optical sensor and an ecoli sensor) have been successfully deployed in the marine. The sensors hold potential for huge environmental impact, and successful commercialization.

The Awards take place on June 29th in Galway, as part of the Seafest Festival.

SeaFest, Ireland’s national maritime festival, takes place this year in Galway on Friday 30th of June to Sunday 2nd of July. SeaFest aims to increase participation and engagement with the sea. The Water Institute will also be exhibiting their great work at the festival before the award event.  Come and visit us at the Digital Ocean Conference on the 29th all day long.

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