FOG collaboration aims to hit all Stakeholders

The Water Institute is delighted to have collaborated with through an Enterprise Ireland Innovation Voucher Scheme over the past number of months. The project was based on multidisciplinary areas expertise from within DCUs Water Institute in relation to a dissemination plan with regard to key stakeholders and an important identification of key elements on FOGs platform that could be disseminated. FOG.IE offers a secure online Platform for both Food Service Establishments and Waste Collection Agents to share online compliance records with Irish Water and other Regulatory Authorities. Commercial properties simply instruct their own Waste Collection Contractors to upload all recovered Waste documentation onto the facilities dedicated webpage on FOG.IE. In return, those then compliant Facilities, who demonstrate a willingness to indicate their desire to be compliant, can expect fewer physical inspections/audits by Regulatory Inspectorate. Irish Water can enjoy less time spent visiting obviously compliant premises, in favour of Desktop Inspections, to then devote their energies on those Non- Compliant establishments. These actions by all Stakeholders can potentially lead to a reduction in costs reflected in reduced annual monitoring charges on Licencees. “We were delighted to work on such an interesting project with and we hope to continue our good working relationship and even further especially with roll out National FOG Programme,” says Prof. Fiona Regan, Director of the Water Institute. For more information about please visit their website or follow them on twitter @fog_ie or LinkedIn

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