DCU Water Institute BACKDROP Project

The Water Institute’s project BACKDROP was launched in May 2019. The project is part of the global programme of EarthWatch (sponsored by RBC Dublin) which seeks to monitor the status of fresh water sites around the world at incredible scales.

BACKDROP aims to engage people to measure water quality along different parts of the Liffey on a monthly basis and become citizen scientists. The measurements are simple to carry out and data collected by you can be uploaded using a mobile. The data citizen scientists produce can be used to address specific local water challenges and for researching global water issues.

Why get involved?

  • Learn more about your local area and the waterbodies around you.
  • Develop understanding of global issues regarding water.
  • Compare your data with information from around the world.
  • Support important research by collecting the necessary data.

If you live by or are a frequent user of the Liffey and would like to get involved, please contact waterinstitute@dcu.ie.

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