Prof. Fiona Regan Discusses Water Resources with Technology Networks

Water Institute Director Prof. Fiona Regan of the Water Institute spoke with Technology Networks recently about water safety and protecting our valuable water resources. She answered questions on surface water, the bodies of water that collect on the surface of land, such as rivers and lakes. A variety of topics were covered, including:

  • the threats to the safety of our water resources now and in the future.
  • the people and groups responsible for preventing water contamination.
  • the role of education in preventing chemical contamination.
  • the challenges involved in detecting and measuring chemical contaminants.
  • possibilities to make a difference in protecting our surface water, such as screening water for low concentrations and wide ranges of contaminants, real-time monitoring, and linking our analytical capability to application and policy.

For the full article on Technology Networks, see:


Image Credit: Aurecon,, (accessed 14 August 2019).

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