World Water Week 2019

The DCU Water Institute were based in Stockholm during the Annual World Water Week conference in later August. This conference is organised by the Swedish International Water Institute where a global audience attended. The agenda for each day was jam-packed full of talks, debates, ongoing research and discussions on numerous water issues and common water sustainable development goals.
The theme of World Water Week 2019 was Water for Society: Including all, seeking to draw attention to the fact that humanity’s major challenges are interlinked and can only be solved through broad solutions. It is of particular importance that marginalized groups are not left behind and that they can influence decision-making. How this can be achieved was explored from various angles throughout World Water Week 2019.
The Water Institute gained lots of insights into the ongoing global water crisis issues and discuss current water problems in Ireland to see how other countries address these issues and what policies are best implemented to protect the future of our water. Some of the talks the Water Institute attended where the following:
  • Plan for Plastics – The circular solution hosted by Nestle & Veolia,
  • Food-supply chains and water stewardship: Sector initiative driving collective action;
  • Supporting SDG 6 by advancing the water footprint tool;
  • Water, health, antibiotic resistance: Probing one-health and rights based approaches;
  • Emerging polluting in water: Invisible threats to health & ecosystems;
  • Valuing Water initiative: Closing the value-action gap on water decisions;
  • ECD report launch: Pharmaceutical residues in freshwater;
  • Hazards & policy, Preventing plastics in our water: more than banning straws;
  • Gold mining impacts and solutions in the Amazon biome.
There was a wealth of knowledge and information at this we took a huge amount of information back with us to the Water Institute.
More from the event can be found here.
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