Prof. Patrick Brereton Publishes on the Role of Film in Environmental Communication

Water Institute Member Prof. Patrick Brereton has published in ISLE: Interdisciplinary Studies in Literature and Environment. The official journal of the Associate for the Study of Literature and the Environment, it explores the relationship between humans and the natural world with articles from scholars of many fields, including historians, geographers, economists and ecologists.

Prof. Brereton’s paper, “Environmental Ethics and Energy Extraction: Textual Analysis of Iconic Cautionary Hollywood Tales: Chinatown (1974), There Will be Blood (2007), and Promised Land (2012),” discusses cautionary environmental films, noting the role of filmic representations in spearheading environmental concerns while communicating to a broader range of audiences than those already engaged with the environment. Film has a role in challenging attitudes, values and behaviour as we enter an era lined with anxiety over the state of our climate.

The paper in full can be obtained by clicking this link.

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