Research Overview: Alignment With Sustainable Development Goals

Last month Dr. Jenny Lawler and Dr. Blánaid White featured at the conference and workshop ‘DCU and the UN Sustainable Development Goals: Recognising and Enhancing our Research Contribution,’ highlighting key DCU research relating to the SDG’s and promoting future cross faculty collaboration.

There are 17 global goals agreed upon by the UN in 2015 designed to guide us towards a better and more sustainable future. Each goal is broad based, interdependent and has indicators to measure its success. At DCU and in the Water Institute these goals help us to guide our research and keep it relevant. Our objectives always endeavour to align with these specific targets of the UN, keeping our work relevant, mutual and targeted with the rest of the world.

Notably, the separate economic, socio-political and environmental sectors in their broadest senses have been targeted for their need to carry out multidisciplinary and transdisciplinary research across different sectors. Members of the Water Institute come from not just science and engineering backgrounds but also schools of business, education and communication.

See below for some of Dr. Blánaid White’s recent projects that were showcased on the day as part of the research overview.






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