SaltGae Solution Project Comes to Close

On the 30th of November 2019, the 4 year SaltGae Solution project ( will come to an end.  The SaltGae Solution is an EU funded Horizon 2020 research project based on the application of microalgae to treat saline wastewater (WW) from the F&B industry.  The project spans nine EU States and Israel, and includes twenty different project partners.  Located in three of these countries are three demonstration sites treating dairy WW in Italy, tannery WW in Slovenia, and WW from an aquafarm in Israel.  The waste water at the sites undergo treatment in high rate algae ponds (HRAPs), where the resultant algal biomass is harvested for application in several by-product value chains.  Dublin City University has played a prominent role throughout the lifetime of the project with responsibilities for activities such as CFD analysis of HRAP design; design and development of a reverse osmosis test rig; novel high pressure pump and energy recovery device testing; life cycle cost analysis and life cycle assessment; benchmarking; and business model toolkit design.  The project adds another branch to the ever-growing sustainability and water research knowledge base developing at the Water Institute.

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