The Most Advanced Bioprocessing Techniques in the Distillation Industry by Assist. Prof. Burcu Gunes; School of Biotechnology


Dr Burcu Gunes holds a degree in Chemical Engineering from Ankara University and an industrial PhD in Environment Technologies Group from Dublin City University School of Biotechnology and Alltech Ltd. She started working as an Assistant Professor in Bioprocess Engineering within the School of Biotechnology in 2020 where she is also co-supervising a PhD project. Furthermore, she has international collaborations.

Research Interests

Dr Gunes’s research focuses on development of environmental technologies for biomass to bioenergy conversion as well as wastewater treatment processes. She also has expertise in mathematical modelling of bioprocesses including the application of Design Expert Software. Her search interests diverse, ranging from anaerobic digestion of lignocellulosic biomass for industrial “waste to energy” applications, high pressure fermentation of synthesis gas for bioethanol production, development of graphene and biomass based nanostructure composites for adsorption and emerging pollutant removals such as pharmaceuticals and industrial dye from water.

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