Friday April 3rd, 2020 Water Blog

Today, I find myself thinking of another Irish Nobel prize winning poet, Seamus Heaney ….and when he spoke in the Phoenix Park in Dublin in 2004 at the EU Enlargement Ceremony.


There he recited a poem; he wrote for the occasion called Beacons at Bealtaine.

Referring to the Phoenix Park and the Greek symbol of the Phoenix, he defines Phoenix as Fionn Uisce in the Irish Language, meaning clear water.  And I find real positivity in an image of regeneration – a thought that we all need now! The Phoenix in Greek mythology –defined as a long-lived bird that cyclically regenerates.


The other expression, Fionn Uisce, I wish for the people of Co. Clare who at the moment do not have ‘clear water’ through their group water scheme.


It strikes me that we need to be working more together on ensuring that we have a secure water supply now for every citizen.

We know that washing hands is so critical! But at the increasing water use can our water supplies cope and can our plant operators continue to be able to do their critically important jobs safely?


These are important considerations in the 12-18 months ahead.  Should our public water forum, An Fóram Uisce take the lead on ensuring that water security and resilience is also part of the national plan in this COVID-19 crisis and where do the Water Advisory Body stand on this really important issue?

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