Saturday April 25th, 2020 Water Blog

Resilience 1/7


Thinking of Siegfried Sassoon’s, Repression of War Experience, while we are continuing lockdown. Sassoon of course is dealing with his experiences in WWI.


………Draw a deep breath; stop thinking; count fifteen,

And you’re as right as rain …

                                                       Why won’t it rain? …

I wish there’d be a thunder-storm to-night,

With bucketsful of water to sluice the dark,

And make the roses hang their dripping heads.


And the scientist in me is thinking about the resilience of our water supply. Last week we took a look at rainfall levels in the Dublin area.  We haven’t had much rain since then. This is great of course because we can be out and about within our 2 km radius.

The average rainfall for April is about 50 mm.  This April we have only had 5.8 mm.  So perhaps we should think about how we use water so that we will have enough in the summer when things start getting up and running again.


We need to wash our hands for 20 seconds – singing happy birthday – remember….


we can keep showers to 5 min;

no watering lawns;

fill the sink when washing dishes;

turn off the tap when brushing teeth;

and so on.


So, I ask the question

…. when will it rain?

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