Saturday and Sunday May 16th – 17th, 2020 Water Blog

Clean water for all

The Green Party has outlined its demands for participation in government.

I don’t see water as a priority in one of their 17 demands.

Maybe it deserves its own demand.


Demand 18.  A good-quality water supply for every body.  This demand could include plans for a water reuse strategy to reduce nonessential usage of treated water.

A plan for adequate funding to replace old infrastructure and fix leaks may now be possible – because of the proposed transport infrastructure changes.  In this demand we would see water recognised as a public health issue.

Professor Sam McConkey – almost everyone knows him from COVID-19 debates the television – listed areas where jobs focus could change.  He suggested we may need more people employed in water.  In this demand we might need more jobs in the water sector to ensure the uninterrupted delivery of a quality supply.

Maybe clean water for all should be the number one demand?




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