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Pablo Neruda writes in his poem,  Water –


Water is another matter,

has no direction but its own bright grace,

runs through all imaginable colors,
takes limpid lessons
from stone,

and in those functionings

plays out the unrealized ambitions of the foam.


A lovely gift arrived in the post (thanks to COVID – we post things again) from a very thoughtful friend – a book of poetry called The Shape of Water.

In his poem, The Shape of Water, Pat Boran makes a crucial point:

Four days without it and I’d be dead

And yet I almost never sing its praise…


I will come back to this poem again, which reminds us of the importance of valuing water.

I talk about this in my recent blog about the Programme for Government, for example. Policy makers do not seem to understand the value of water.

Is it because it falls from the sky – comes freely from our tap – flows in the rivers?

Water is our gold – we should sing its praise.

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