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The EPA published a report on drinking water quality in public supplies 2019. [1] While the water quality is generally good, there are a number of areas that need attention according to the report. There are an increasing number of long-term boil water notices reported in 2019. A total of 59 notices lasted more than 30 days.  We might remember back to the end of 2019, that one of these related to the River Liffey with more than 600,000 people affected.  There are issues related to disinfection by-products in drinking water and also lead. This report points out some really important issues and it makes the point that the delays to Remedial Action List supplies is unacceptable.

It is hard to understand why disinfection across all supplies cannot be implemented as a matter of urgency. The suggested delay of up to 60 years for all lead connections to be replaced is noted as being unacceptable – and quite honestly it doesn’t make sense.

We have come along way – from pump and carry [2] – but we are not where we need to be?


I think that with a green agenda in government we need to push water quality up the priority list.  People’s health is at risk. The EPA conclude that they do not feel the public water supply is secure. This is worrying and certainly should be a cause for concern for those delivering the supply and for those in power.



[1] https://www.epa.ie/pubs/reports/water/drinking/drinkingwaterqualityinpublicsupplies2019.html

[2] https://rememberedsummers.wordpress.com/tag/kitchen-sink-1930s/

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