Thursday July 9th, 2020 Water Blog

Water hosepipe ban is lifted – again   


At 5 pm yesterday the water conservation order that was in place to conserve water, was lifted by Irish Water. When the Water Conservation Order was issued on June 9th, 27 of Irish Water’s 900 drinking water schemes were in drought with another 50 at risk of going into drought.

There is no need to worry about how we use water, because there is plenty of rain to fill the reservoirs now. Well not quite – as of yesterday, only 17 drinking water schemes are still in drought and some 61 remain at risk. So the situation is looking up – but recovery of some sources is very fragile, according to Irish Water. The utility also say that it is important to avoid non-essential use of water. They provide some useful conservation tips on their website.


However, does the news of the lifting the ban mean:

  1. It’s fine to start filling the swimming pool to keep children entertained during the holidays?
  2. We can using sprinklers on the garden?
  3. Is it OK too, to be giving the car a good wash using the hose?
  4. We can go back to watering plants at home and at our businesses?
  5. We can clean our private boat?
  6. We can fill and clean an ornamental fountain ?
  7. We can give the driveway, walls, paths, patios, garden furniture – a power wash using the drinking water quality water – that is so expensive to produce?


Is there something wrong in that message that we are hearing and seeing in the headlines[1]: Water Conservation Order lifted following heavy rainfall and recovery of sources

I think I prefer the message from Wellington Water: “Love Every Drop[2]. The utility says that they “want people to feel connected to the source….[Allowing them] to become more aware of their water use and make conscious efforts to reduce consumption.

Having a connection to water and thinking about it as a life source is important to reducing consumption, as we will begin to care more deeply for it.”




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