Sunday August 9th, 2020 Water Blog

The Shape of water

Pat Boran writes in The Shape of Water

Even when I cup it in my hands,

Trying to see it for what it is,

It takes my own shape, if temporarily;

It gives my own reflection back to me.

Water is such an amazing treasure. The drinking water we have in our taps has come from our surface waters mostly and it has been treated to remove impurities and make it fit to drink.

However, many people buy bottled water because they are not keen on drinking the water from their tap. There are many reasons why people might not want to drink their tap water. Perhaps there is a taste, frequent boil water notices, a slight colour or a smell?

What people don’t realise is that many of the bottled waters have gone through a similar treatment process as our tap water.  Only a couple of our Irish bottled waters are from natural sources and are untreated.

So why are we buying it in bottles?  We are adding to our waste and probably exposing ourselves to leaching chemicals from the plastic.



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