Thursday August 13th, 2020 Water Blog

Green Hair


Over the years from working in the water industry every so often I came across a distressed house hold member (normally the Dad/Man) who would be in an awful state about household members (usually female) hair turning green but in an non fashionable sense! Testing their water was usually the last resort but I’m sure they were willing to try anything at that stage. Testing the water may have been the last resort but it was certainly the right solution.

Sometimes water in certain areas of Ireland can be naturally acidic with a low pH (below 7 or so) as it all depends on the hydrogeological formation.   Over time if slightly acidic water is running along copper pipes it will not only corrode them but it will also collect copper particles and will deposit them once the water reaches air. This is why sometimes you may see green staining on white baths and sinks.

Unfortunately, it can also deposit on hair and if you have highlights, bleached or coloured hair it can react giving the hair a green tone or hue hence more of a problem for females then males.

The pH of water can be adjusted, and it is a problem that can be fixed quite easily however if you are going for the “Pumuki” (troll) look it may be to your advantage!


By Ruth Clinton

Water Innovation Officer

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