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Other water uses


Water is not only used for drinking or cleaning; water is a powerful source of renewable energy. In ancient times, water was already used to grind cereals, work on iron forges and when electricity began to be applied in industry and in homes, it was thought to convert these old mills into small power stations to supply small villages and local industries without depending on the large production centres that used coal for this purpose.

For many years these small plants evolved into large hydroelectric power stations that in some countries like Switzerland or Norway are capable of supplying the whole country only with the force of water.

Now in the north of Spain you can find old mini-hydraulic power plants in the course of many rivers in the mountains as well as old mills. However, these mini power plants are being recovered as a renewable generation alternative for small villages in underdeveloped countries.


Adrian Delgado

PhD Student/Communications Intern


Image 1: Old hydraulic hammer of forged iron, vertical water wheel. Outside area


Image 2: Hydraulic iron forging hammer. Inside area


Image 3: Old millstones


Image 4: Vertical hydraulic water wheel, traditional metal water wheel


Image 5: original ancient wooden hydraulic water wheel
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