Tuesday September 1st, 2020 Water Blog

Begin Again – back to school


Never before have I seen children so eager to return to school.

I hope the enthusiasm lasts.

The break since March 13th this year has been too long away from friends and activities.  The fears of unknown new norms were clearly present.  However, with day one down and expert guidance on handwashing, everything seemed to go really well. I was given a hand washing demonstration which would make the World Health Organisation very happy. Another reason we need these little folks back to school – they are such amazing leaders of good example.

This beautiful poem is springing to mind today as we begin the next chapter in a new normal.


Begin Again

by Brendan Kennelly

Begin again to the summoning birds
to the sight of light at the window,
begin to the roar of morning traffic
all along Pembroke Road.

Every beginning is a promise
born in light and dying in dark determination
and exaltation of springtime
flowering the way to work.


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