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It’s coffee time


I hope this doesn’t turn you off your morning brew.

Water footprint – this is the volume of fresh water used to produce the product, added up over the various steps of the production chain. This includes when and where the water was used.  The water footprint includes a temporal and spatial dimension.

In thinking about water footprint of food and drink at home, coffee does not look good in terms of the numbers. The water footprint of producing 1 kg of roasted coffee is said to be 21,000 litres of water. Breaking that down to my daily standard cup of coffee. I use about seven grams of roasted coffee per cup. Therefore, my cup of coffee costs 140 litres of water.

140 litres to produce enough coffee for one cup…..

Did you know that drinking tea instead of coffee would save a lot of water. For a standard cup of tea of 250 ml requires 30 litres of water in production. Still a lot of water, but significantly less than coffee. So, maybe instead of giving up coffee, I will think about cutting back from 3 cups to one?

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