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Oceans of opportunity


There were 5 million people working in the “blue economy” sector in 2018. Coastal and marine tourism, as well as fisheries and aquaculture are severely affected by COVID-19. However, the “blue economy” provides significant potential for a green recovery. Growth is seen in the coastal tourism sector. Jobs in the offshore wind energy sector have multiplied nine-fold in less than 10 years.[1] These are examples of how growth in the marine and ocean sector has potential in the coming decade.

Imelda Maguire, a wonderful Donegal poet, has captured the rhythm and energy of the sea so well.  This energy is part of the potential of the resource yet to be fully exploited.

During COVID there has been even more sea swimming than ever before. People of all ages are seeing the real value of the marine environment for health and relaxation.



By Imelda Maguire

The sea sucks in its breath,

Draws back over sand and silt,

A crush of pebbles trembles,

Tumbles forward,

Crumbles into the sea, Drawn toward the deep.

Then the exhalation, the swish

And swoosh, the wave tiptoes

Across the sand,

Returns its borrowed cargo.

Shells and stones

Jostle for space,

Land and settle,


A moment of still, still

Silence, and then

The sea sucks in its breath.



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