Thursday October 15th, 2020 Water Blog

Water and Plastic don’t mix!!


There is a drive in Ireland now to remove single use plastics.

The government have even suggested a date by which they will be phased out.  COVID-19 however, has meant that we can’t have our re-usable cups filled, and take away foods use a lot of single use materials.  While some have moved to card board and wood, many are still relying on plastic.


Personally we can still take the decision to use as little plastic as possible. We take our long life bags shopping. We need to avoid single use water bottles, straws, coffee cups and containers where possible. The best way for us to make a real change is to learn about plastics and reduce them at home.


Generally if we buy less stuff when possible, or buy second hand, we can make a big difference in terms of water use in production and greenhouse gas emissions.

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