Thursday Dec 17th, 2020 Water Blog

Thursday Dec 17th  Water Blog

From January 2021 we will have the pleasure of working with Pamela to translate some of the scientific research outputs of our marine technologies to fashion.

Pamela worked on a project “Diatomous Beneath” a few years back and you can see the amazing outputs of that work here.

We are looking forward to investigating for materials inspired by the marine environment for our work on antifouling technologies, can inspire work on repair, smart textiles and zero waste. Translation of science and fusion with other disciplines is a key objective of the Water Institute and we are delighted to have someone so innovative and forward thinking as part of our team.

Fiona Regan, Director Water Institute


Science and Fashion                                  DCU Water Institute STATEMENT

Scientists and fashion designers are not so dissimilar, with both striving to introduce change and innovation to the world.

I am interested in the idea that these two different disciplines can work together to create a new language and to explore new ideas. There are two main lines of enquiry I intend to follow as part of this, my second collaboration with the Water Institute.

At present research outcomes from different areas of science are being integrated into fashion products to address specific environmental and societal needs. How current research being carried out by the Water Institute scientists can be  applied to fashion and textiles for similar outcomes, or how I can create a direct aesthetic response to that body of research will form the key part of my own explorations and in turn the body of work I create.

The second area of interest is the topic of Sustainability. This subject is a key concern in both Fashion and Marine research.  Fashion in its visual and performative nature can act as a vehicle for commentary on our existing and projected future concerns. Explorations around repair, smart textiles and zero waste are currently all key areas of interest for me and it is my intention that they will play a role in the development of this project.

Pamela Heaney

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