February 2021 Water Café

Our 2nd Water Café was held just last week and it too attracted great interest. Sinead O’Brian of SWAN was our guest speaker on the day. Sinead has been Co-ordinator of the Sustainable Water Network for 16 years. SWAN is an umbrella network of 25 of Ireland’s leading environmental organisations – national and regional – working collaboratively to protect and enhance Ireland’s water environment through participation in the implementation of the Water Framework Directive (WFD), the Marine Strategy Framework Directive and a wide range of other water-related policy and legislation. Sinead gave an excellent presentation entitled Co Operating to protect Irelands waters: Lessons from 15 years of policy & advocacy which presented some startling facts about the state of Ireland environment today. There was a huge amount of questions from over 50 attendees on the day which shows the level of interest in such water issues from all stakeholders. We are so delighted that Sinead spoke at this event and we look forward to engaging with her in the future for further updates on SWANs work and impact. http://www.swanireland.ie/

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