Water Café with Evelyn Cusack

With continuous demand for a consecutive series of Water Cafes this month, we were delighted to welcome the very well known Evelyn Cusack, Head of Forecasting, Met Eireann.
Evelyn Cusack is Head of the Forecasting Division in Met Éireann. She joined Met Éireann as a trainee forecaster in 1981 after studying Physics and Maths at UCD.

Evelyn’s presentation was bursting with so much information, such as how and why National Meteorological Services now name storms and explained the Yellow/Orange/Red warnings codes. Evelyn then continued to cover the new BE SUMMER-READY Safety on the Water campaign Met Éireann has recently introduced. Finally, Evelyn spoke about her experience in forecasting over the years and gave some fascinating examples, such as the Ploughing Championships in 2019, where the weather impacted such a huge show.

There was plenty of questions coming in throughout the presentation that we didn’t get to address. We hope to have Evelyn or her Met Eireann colleagues back in the forthcoming months to tell us more about what they do after all weather is the most talked-about thing (probably outside Covid)!

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