DCU Water Institute & Dublin Under Sail Set Course to a New Marine Learning Collaboration

The DCU Water Institute and Dublin Under Sail recently collaborated on a unique and innovative project to develop a marine education and research programme onboard the Brian Boru vessel.

Currently docked in Dun Laoghaire harbour the Brain Boru team are hoping to develop and expand their onboard offering by adding environmental and marine monitoring and testing techniques to provide a full ecotour sailing experience.

Their plan is to build an onboard testing facility that will allow  tourists, corporate groups, community groups and students to collect samples and use the facility to carry out important environmental testing and research giving them exposure to the importance of marine science and protecting the Dublin Bay Biosphere. The programme will integrate and promote the importance of the Sustainable Development Goals, Ocean Literacy and the Source to Sea concept showcasing some very interesting story maps such as shipwrecks, bathymetry and sediments all whilst experiencing the wonderful views of Dublin Bay.

Water Innovation Officer for the DCU Water Institute Ruth Clinton said “The time we have spent on this project has been extremely insightful, there are so many innovative opportunities for Dublin Under Sail to provide an enriched, interactive experience to their many customers whilst collecting really important research quality and consistent data”

Sarah Philp, General Manager of Dublin Under Sail said ‘We are thrilled to partner with DCU Water Institute, and we are excited to have harnessed their expertise and in due course to bring their marine education and research programme to life.

We know our varied customer base will relish the opportunity to experience and engage with Dublin Bay Biosphere from a scientific perspective’

The partnership between Dublin Under Sail and the DCU Water Institute brought together diverse experiences and expertise that ignited many potential innovations in the field of research, eco-tourism and eco education. Watch this space……..

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