Eurachem webinar – Modern problems require modern solutions

11 am GMT March 22nd – World Water Day


The Water Institute is excited to co-host a webinar on overcoming water monitoring challenges with Eurachem, a European leader in chemical monitoring.

The overarching theme of the event “Are analytical methods meeting the demands by old and new chemicals of concern”, takes aim at our ability to pivot with changing pressures on our water systems, and our capacity to monitor and tackle challenges at every point of the water cycle. The agenda includes analytical methodologies for monitoring cocktails of chemicals in water, as well as understanding the importance of, and challenges that face groundwater monitoring practices.

Director of the Water Institute Prof. Fiona Regan will be joined by Ms. Lindsay Connolly, a hydrogeologist with sustainable consultancy giant Arup.

To register, RSVP:

This event corresponds with the completion of UN SDGs 6 and 14.

To learn more about UN SDGs, see below:


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