Water Institute 2022 Research & Publications

Back L-R: Dylan O’Hagan, Belinda Huerta, Adrian Del Gado, Dr Louis Free,  Weili Guo
Front L-R: Chloe Richards, Imogen Hands, Sean Power, Bianca Lespine, Eve Morice, Rachel Bracken


The Water Institute research team consists of a range of talented individuals with multidisciplinary backgrounds that work together to develop some amazing findings and technologies. Over the last number of months, the team has published and contributed to many journals listed below:

Oxygen transfer of microbubble clouds in aqueous solutions–Application to wastewater  

T Abadie, SM al Ma Awali, B Brennan, C Briciu-Burghina, M Tajparast, …Chemical Engineering Science 257, 117693 – 2022

M Caetano, MMC Dos Santos, N Rosa, I Carvalho, JG Rodríguez, …Marine Pollution Bulletin 179, 113715 – 2022




Assessment of the occurrence and distribution of per-and polyfluoroalkyl substances in the River Liffey, Ireland
B Huerta, F Regan 2022

Investigating novel sensing techniques for monitoring trade effluent (TE)
M Jacobs, F Regan, M Hogan, Ervia 2022

Demonstrating the Potential of a Low-Cost Soil Moisture Sensor Network
C Briciu-Burghina, J Zhou, MI Ali, F Regan, Sensors 22 (3), 987 – 2022

Development and application of an LC-MS method to the determination of poly-and perfluoroalkyl substances (PFASs) in drinking, sea and surface water samples
B Huerta, B McHugh, F Regan, Analytical Methods

Laser-powder bed fusion in-process dispersion of reinforcing ceramic nanoparticles onto powder beds via colloid nebulisation
A Mussatto, R Groarke, RK Vijayaraghavan, MA Obeidi, R MacLoughlin, …
Materials Chemistry and Physics, 1262452022

Laser-powder bed fusion of silicon carbide reinforced 316L stainless steel using a sinusoidal laser scanning strategy
A Mussatto, R Groarke, RK Vijayaraghavan, MA Obeidi, PJ McNally, …
Journal of Materials Research and Technology 18, 2672-269812022

Assessing dependency of part properties on the printing location in laser-powder bed fusion metal additive manufacturing
A Mussatto, R Groarke, RK Vijayaraghavan, C Hughes, MA Obeidi, Materials Today Communications 30, 103209

Assessing stone walls habitat quality–Which factors affect bryophytes and macrolichens on farmland stone walls in Ireland?
S Ruas, R Rotchés-Ribalta, A Volpato, M Gormally, B White, J Moran, Ecological Indicators 139, 108948, 2022

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