DCU Water Institute hosts ECIU partners

On the 5th of May 2023, DCU hosted their ECIU collaboration partners from Europe to continue to develop and work on their Smart er pilot CARE https://citizenarenas.eu/en/ .

Researchers from the Kuanus University of Technology Lithuania, the University of Barcelona, Spain, INSA Toulouse, France, University of Aveiro Portugal descended to DCU for the second face-to-face meeting as a group. The meeting was also hosted remotely for partners in Linkoping, Sweden who joined in on the day too.  The meeting was extremely productive and each partner contributed by presenting each of the work packages that contained the pilots they are co-creating with citizens. The group spoke about many different aspects of the project such as communication, reporting, engaging citizens and publishing from the findings.

Also present on the day was Dr Emma McGrath – ECIU projects coordinator for DCU and Prof Fernando Vilariño Freire who represents ECIU.

The aim of the remaining time on the project is to document and compile all of our findings that will be presented at the ECIU summit in Oct 3rd and 4th 2023 in Barcelona.



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