SEATAC 2023 – Chloe Richards PhD Update

This week I got the opportunity to present our research in the form of two poster presentations at SETAC 2023 at the Convention Centre
Dublin. My first presentation, on the 2nd of May, focused on the source-to-sea occurrence of poly- and perfluoroalkyl substances (PFASs) of
concern in Ireland. This project aimed to investigate the presence of certain target PFAS in waters in Dublin, both fresh and sea
with the aim of identifying or grouping sources of these chemical contaminants. We hope to publish our study findings in an I-SECURE publication.

The second poster presentation, on the 3rd of May, looked at a novel dynamic passive sampling approach for marine monitoring of emerging
contaminants, which aimed to develop a robust, sensitive, and reliable method for the preconcentration of CECs in seawater using a novel
dynamic passive sampling process for diclofenac. This work forms part of the TechOceanS project, an EU-funded H2020 project. I also got the opportunity to attend a training course entitled ‘Interpreting risk from co-exposure: Terminology, Models, Tiered Schemes in Mixture Risk Assessment and Regulatory Developments’. This was a really beneficial course for my work on I-SECURE, as it gave me the tools to understand how to perform an environmental risk assessment, which I can use in our study of the contaminants present in mussels.



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