Untapped – Promoting Tap Water in Europe

A report issued by the European Association of Public Water Operators has urged more people to drink tap water instead of bottled water. Consumption of water has been noted to be insufficient in many areas of Europe with many people unaware of their body’s requirements or opting for soft drinks (sweetened, carbonated, etc.) or hot beverages (teas, coffees, etc.

Many communities have tap water available 24 hours a day, delivered straight to users and unlike bottled water, provides a cheap, zero-waste option. Despite this, the average EU citizen drinks 117 litres of bottled water per year. Tap water is dismissed for drinking purposes in may places, often because of misconceptions on its quality. This is despite EU legislation imposing stringent quality requirements.

Because drinking tap water is a more ecological and economical act, public water operators in the EU actively undertake the responsibility of promoting tap water as drinking water. EU water quality is extremely high, with more than 99% compliance with standards much stricter than those set out by the World Health Organisation.

The report issues advice on making tap water taste nicer, discusses availability of tapwater across Europe and outlines how making the decision to drink tap water ahead of bottled water is a sustainable choice.

To read the report in full, please click here.


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