Water Europe Re-Branded Website Launched

The Water Institute are proud members of Water Europe, part of the European Technology Platform and promoter of water-related innovation and research & technology development in Europe. The organisation aspires to represent the whole value-chain of water and achieve a European Water-Smart Society. Earlier this year they re-branded and this week their website has gone live through this link.

Water Europe consists of a cross-range of over 200 members from 26 countries, from research and technology developers to suppliers and small-medium enterprises, public authorities, and utilities companies. A range of services are on offer to members, including policy-making support, EU funding programs, working groups, the MEP water group and support to project consortia.

The Water-Smart Society envisioned by Water Europe is one where the value of water is realised fully, and water is managed in such a way that water scarcity and water pollution are both avoided. In such a society, water resources would exist in closed loops to foster a circular economy; such a system would be resilient against the impact of climate change.

The work done by Water Europe epitomises what we do at the Water Institute, emphasising that water is for all – for society, for the economy and for the environment.

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