Plants Sprout Again in Australia’s Forests – Even Without Rain

The fact that there are large forest fires in Australia is something we have been used to for years. Images of the country in flames are a media classic, but at the end of 2019 and the beginning of this 2020, the reality is quite different. The environmental catastrophe that Australia is experiencing due to the forest fires and the drought is not letting up. Experts estimate that some 6 million hectares have been devastated by the flames throughout the country. However, life always makes its way even in the most inhospitable environments, and one can see the pink and green colors of some plants that have germinated, contrasting with the black layer that covers the trees and trunks that were consumed by the fire during these months.

Some of the photographs taken by Mary Voorwinde showing flowers and shrubs being reborn are a sign of “life expectancy”. These photographs taken on January 6 came after she and her colleague took a tour of the affected area and visited the inhabitants of the region who are seeking to resume their lives amidst the ashes.

More information on the Plants sprout again in Australia’s forests can be found here and here.



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