Thursday April 9th 2020 A Birthday Water Blog

Having learned that twenty seconds is required for a thorough antivirus handwashing can be timed by singing “happy birthday” twice – I start to sing as I lather up.


It’s great to have this happy birthday guidance: remember to remove your wristwatch – for those that still wear them.


So, since March 16th or thereabouts I have been singing for the wonderful Reece Witherspoon on March 22nd, Richard Dawkins on the 26th, Eric Clapton on the 30th and the Lovely Russell Crowe this week.


Today, I start the day with a blast of “Happy Birthday to MEEEE” as I wash using warm water and soap.


I celebrated my birthday this morning with my research group via zoom, a fabulous opportunity to catch up and to reflect on our wonderful DCU community. We hope we will get back together again soon.


But meanwhile:

Stay safe, stay apart and wash your hands!!

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