April 10th 2020 Water Blog – Good Friday

These are some water-related beliefs, tales, superstitions at Easter:


  • Easter Water is thought to have dermatological properties against skin disorders and in northern regions of France, it is also believed to have healing effects on vision.


  • In Quebec, it was thought to protect against elements such as lightning, thunder, and the wind.


  • Easter Water is still used in ceremonies to bless homes using the blessed branches.


  • Washing in Easter Water was believed to give long-lasting freshness of the skin and to give women, who bathed in a stream or river on the eve of Easter, “beauty and seduction, provided it had done so in silence and in secret.


  • Washing hairon Good Friday was thought to guard against headaches. However, Cebuano people still believe in is one which discourages taking a shower on Good Friday out of respect for the Dead Christ.


Unrelated to water..…people like to eat hot cross buns on Good Friday.

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